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VIDEO: Tyler and Alyssa Wedding Invitation

Rather then do what everyone else is doing by sending out a standard paper message,  the newly engaged couple approached me to shoot, and create a video wedding invitation to send out. They have created a website which they will point people to with information on the wedding showing this video.

Congrats you two and many wishes!


Shot in two days, interviews and the open field shot in Moore, Oklahoma. I used a slider for the field when they wrote words on their blackboards with the cinema magic hour sunset behind us. I thought of using a steady cam but it was too windy with threatening rain just a few hours before. In premier, I layed the 5d mark II footage out and super composed lens flashes over my color grading to naturally give it a gradient of different colors throughout the frame.

Original Footage

The highlights in Tylers blue shirt and Alyssas red patterns

Crunched the blacks, brought up the yellow in the field and tinted everything making it look golden

Overlaid lens flash