VIDEO: Special Effect Breakdown

Delgado Family Documentary Special Effects Breakdown. As the Delgado family shares their story, there was a number of special effect shots incorporated into the video. Footage of storms and tornados, maps of Oklahoma City and the like.. This is a breakdown video showing original footage vs the final effect!

Watch the full documentary here


At first, the full documentary footage was filmed through an old tv set then later it was decided to use multiple computer monitors and laptop screens at different angles and lenses.

I wanted the documentary to have a raw Eerie / weather tv news a person may see right before a severe storm complete with diffusion the tv gives off

I had two options for using the 1980s tv set. One being in an attic, I loved the wood all around in conjunction with the wood paneling on the tv set.
Then the second idea was in a empty dark room which the  TV would be on a victorian chair lit from the front and aside the edges a little.




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