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True Christmas message in Bethlehem for all to see.

With effort from the mission in Bethlehem, they released a large billboard in the center of Bethlehem glorifying the name of Christ written in English and Arabic Jesus born to die and rose again. Invite him into your heart so you might live..  This billboard is displaying this sign for a month.

We designed the sign and soon it was printed within three days of the Initial concept.
Read the original post that covered it all.
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Look here at the Youtube video that we made creating awareness of the billboard.
A few hours ago I took a break and walked outside our studio around the curb to the overlook where I could see in the distance the newly placed billboard photo. I ran back to the studio where I grabbed my SLR camera and a few shekels and hurried to the location of the billboard.


The billboard sign from the overlook

Behind the billboard facing North-East with Manger Str. below.

On Manger Str. looking up at the billboard

Close up at the billboard