Testing out Magic Lantern on 5D II


I dont have much time as I need to travel out of city in a few minutes so I will keep this post short.

So, over the last few months I have been reading articles on using the Magic Lantern firmware on DSLR cameras and the many video benefits that it offers. Mainly, shooting in RAW video, automatic rack focusing, live overlay audio meters on live view, luma/focus scopes and a whole lot more.
Stuff especially on my canon 5D mark ii camera would be a dream to have, both in taking photos and video.

My curiosity got the best of me and I tried out the firmware at the beginning of the weekend. Impressed by the menu items I skimmed through them with the manual close at hand. Later I discovered there was an option to make a sequence of RAW image files when recording video and tweak them in Photoshop. If your a photographer you know how this is a dream by adjusting the exposure, color curves and each value of the image dynamically making the exact feel and mood you are looking for possible.



My CF cards were not fast enough to save the buffer from the capture when I tried this. In essence I only was able to capture at a resolution just less then HD minimum without my camera overloading and quitting.

My tech geek in me wanting to press my camera to the max, and beyond, failed. But so far magic lantern hasnt and I am happy with the results.

YES I know photographers skipped a heartbeat when they saw I had a cracked preview screen.
YES I have already written myself up for this.
YES Always double check your zippers are zipped closed on the camera bag.