Simon Delgado Baptism

Delgado family that lived through the 2013 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

I had the opportunity to interview the dalgado family. Family of six, two of their youngest were in the Plaza Towers Elementary when it collapsed during the   2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Discovering about their family while interviewing then joining their church a few months later, I view the kids growing up and how the [...]


2014 Worship Bump For Elevate Church, Moore

Introduction to Elevate Church during sunday mornings. This is a forty-five second bump the first thing that plays after the five minute countdown signaling when the church service starts. This introduction video premiered Sunday Jan 5th 2014 at Elevate Church, Moore Oklahoma. Shot, edited and designed by Peter Friedlander. Music from Church on the Move. This [...]

Screen Shot 2013-07-27 at 8.54 PM

Timelapse Ghost Rubble

Evening to dark Moore, Oklahoma time-lapse. Rubble and gutted houses in the foreground while leveled areas in the background. Shot in the area where the teams at ARC (Allied Response to Catastrophes) have worked. Heaped up gutted house after gutted house was piles of debris piling up to ten feet tall at some places.   [...]


Photos of Moore, Oklahoma

Here are some photos that I have taken throughout my current four week stay in Moore, Oklahoma. Photos have been captured by a 5D markii in the RAW format and have been adjusted in the Camera RAW in Photoshop.     Related articles My tour of Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Quilts for Moore Oklahoma This guys [...]