2014 Worship Bump For Elevate Church, Moore

Introduction to Elevate Church during sunday mornings.
This is a forty-five second bump the first thing that plays after the five minute countdown signaling when the church service starts.
This introduction video premiered Sunday Jan 5th 2014 at Elevate Church, Moore Oklahoma.

Shot, edited and designed by Peter Friedlander. Music from Church on the Move.

This project was the first project that I had the initial idea for Elevate. Began to collect footage back in october of 2013.
Footage was captured over four weekends and edited in two days within twenty hours.

How I did it 

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 1.32 PM

Timelapse of Moore, Oklahoma Ground Zero of the May 21 2013 Tornados

Eventually the time had come for me to experiment around with recording time-lapses around Moore, Oklahoma damage.
This was the first try and actually turned out better then expected.

It took two hundred raw photos with a Canon 5D MII for this 7 second timelapse.
A total of twenty minutes to capture.
Composted in After Effects.
Processed in Photoshop CS6.