Surviving on Creative Ghetto Distinctive Lighting

Oh yes the trials and tribulations of arriving on location an hour before and scrounging around the building for ANY useful lamps, stands or overhead lights that may be able to produce a well-enough interview lighting conditions for a single person interview.
Especially when the perfect location would be right infront of windows that showed the street below and a tree outside which we then would have to have enough front light shining onto our subject the victim for the next hour.

I found myself in this situation about a week ago in Edmond, OK as I was filming a story for Elevate Church, Moore. We filmed right above a stairwell in a corner of an old once-orphaned building now converted into offices and stores.
In this situation we had to use whatever we could get our hands on for front light since we didnt want a silhouetted Stephanie, who was the person that we were interviewing.

So far I have not had a propper lighting kit to use at my disposal in Oklahoma other then a bound reflector/diffuser and a 200wtt construction light I picked up at home depo and if I had enough room in the car I would we able to take along a living room stand lamp along with me. These three things I have managed to just get by enough to make due with the slight contrast on the subjects face where in post production I could hall in color correction big time.

Hopefully we will be getting a bigger setup in the next few weeks but until then we had to make use of what we had at the time.
Stephanie actually brought along her own sets of lights made for video blogging which we used at a moments notice.

Here are photos

We ended up using two to three office lights, a painting stand, electrical tape to make a 90 degree angle to position the light source in the right direction, my 200watt lamp and odds and ends to weigh down the existing lamps.

Here are photos before and after color correction. I filmed with the Cinestyle color profile from technicolor on my 5D.

With these set of interviews I want the same color gray memoristic feel to them. Blacks are light grey, and whites are white mid grey.