2015 Promotional Reel

Watch my 2012 Promo here

All footage shot and edited by me.
This video is highlights of my work between 2012-2015.

1) Oklahoma Windmill Sunrise, Stock Footage
2) Oklahoma Sky time-lapse, Stock Footage
3) “Train Tracks” Dixon Furor, Elevate Faith Documentary
4) “Cinematography” Rhett Barnett, Elevate Faith Documentary
5) “CGI Animation” Charles Jackson, Elevate Faith Documentary
6) “Stop Motion” Tyler Perry, Elevate Faith Documentary
7) “Typography” AJ Bussey , Elevate Faith Documentary
8) ”CGI Heart Beats” AJ Bussey , Elevate Faith Documentary
9) ”CGI Set Extension” Shawna Sisney , Elevate Faith Documentary
10) ”Rotoscoping” Natalie Hight, Elevate Faith Documentary
11) ”Pencil Artist” Bryan Evans, Elevate Faith Documentary
12) ”Bella Forte Glass Studio” Chris McGahan, Elevate Faith Documentary
13) ”Just Faith, all The Time” Chase Newby, Elevate Faith Documentary
14) Faith Title Intro text for short video
15) “Silhouette Walk” Pursecuted Christian, Elevate Faith Documentary
16) “CGI Tornado” Short-Film Documentary
17) Time-Lapse Ruins, Moore, Oklahoma Stock Footage
18) Pan Destruction time-Lapse, Moore, Oklahoma Stock Footage
19) Africa Adventure Title, All Be There Short-Documentary
20) Girl Map/Mountains, Girl Perfect Biography
21) Band Fly-Through, Elevate Church Service Introduction
22) Jerusalem Fly-Through, TV Reality Show Intro
23) Israeli Flag, Jan Willem Tour
24) Shofar Gaza Strip, Stock Footage
25) Bethlehem Night Time-Lapse, Stock Footage
26) Warehouse Praise, Hands of Mercy Promotional
27) Olive Arabic Tea, Stock Footage
28) Billboard, Graphic Design
29) Israel Security Wall Riot, Stock Footage West Bank
30) Jewish March, Sderot Israel Stock Footage
31) Dead Sea Time-Lapes, Stock Footage

That last time-lapse shot was on top of the five story tv studio I used to work for in Bethlehem. The camera was facing the east towards the dead sea with Jerusalem (out of frame) on the left and the little Arabic village Beit Sahour to the right.


When I started designing this reel not he first day of three, I found myself staring at a white square box in the center of the canvas within Adobe illustrator for an open title animation. After spending previous weeks satuating myself with student shorts from universities like Chapman, New York and award winning online documentaries for inspiration, the square white box became the first step into the editorial soritng of over eighty video projects I had done within the time I had returned from Israel into America. Twenty hours later, this promo reel immersed.