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Motion Slides

Recently created motion slides for Elevate Church, Moore. These play in a loop intro when the leaders or pastors come out on stage Sunday.
Created templates for the ganaric design and  I was thrilled when I saw the template being used Sunday morning.
The final animation loops 40seconds with the beginning and ending position layers the same without fading.

Here is a break down of the effects.

Final image.


Workflow in finder.

Workflow in After Effects.

Editable words that are part of the template. Two layers are present in this composition. The dots to the left of the words and the text.

Skip to our composition that has the nested dots and editable txt matted against a gradient.

in our final composition, the words, background rectangle, stripe and film flash that I freezed framed and transfer moded into a vignette throughout the entire animation.

Five brushes that I made from photoshop, each moving independently from one another.


The photoshop brushes in the timeline and their keyframes.

And once again the final with four different adjustment layers controlling the color tone, a warp effect and hues and mids.