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Kayla Carmona Testimony Project for Elevate Church

Video I filmed, edited for Elevate Church in Moore, Oklahoma as part of their December series. This was shown Sunday 12-8-13.
Kayla Carmona is a teenager who has seen tragic causalities when a tornado took away her father and sister in 2011. Since then she has been able to encourage others through her personal story of faith and hope.



Filmed on a 5D mark II. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. Since the deadline was running near I used some already created elements (sound effects, cuts, colors, archive footage) from my previous documentary work in the Kriesels {HOPE} story.

I hardly ever do this on purpose unless it is a themed series of videos.  From filming with Kayla on Tuesday night and completing the final edit Sunday morning, with delay of a few power outages, total edit has approximately two hundred cuts and twenty-five production hours. I color graded the light-areas as a mild-tone grey color for this. For the B-roll I added an extra step of grey. I wanted to make the visual feeling of distant still memories as the piano played in the background.

Only had access to one camera during the time of the filming but I needed more options to cut to.
Since this was a story of a teenager and the modern age of that generation is wrapped up in cell phones, computers and TV. How could I give an electronic look to the video?
I made a basic edit of the story ark where it told the curve from start to finish. From there I physically projected the video full screen onto a laptop, tilted the screen a few degrees, turned off the lights, focused the camera onto the laptop with a shallow depth of field so there were digital lines curving across the screen, and pushed the zoom in a tad.
Just enough so that it was not the same framing as the original camera position to make an unnoticeable difference.
Then recorded the whole story ark making slight movements to the camera while playing with the focus which moved the jagged digital lines on the screen whenever I did.
This provided a virtual second camera for me to switch to. I got this idea once again from editing the Kriesels {HOPE} documentary. But instead of using an Android camera I used a DLSR.



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