Simon Delgado Baptism

Delgado family that lived through the 2013 Moore, Oklahoma Tornado

I had the opportunity to interview the dalgado family. Family of six, two of their youngest were in the Plaza Towers Elementary when it collapsed during the   2013 Moore, Oklahoma tornado. Discovering about their family while interviewing then joining their church a few months later, I view the kids growing up and how the [...]

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 12.42 PM

Time-lapses Gone Wrong

Some of my recent attempts to record time-lapes with my 5D gone horribly wrong. All of these were run and gun setup and press record trying new techniques and see what happens.   View over the Wynnewood, Oklahoma Oil Refinery. Captured at 2013-Aug-06 near midnight. Only 32 photos were captured then I had to leave. Leaving [...]


5D Photos!

With my new 5D Mark II over the past few weeks I was able to play around with some features of the camera, bracketing, HDR, timelapse and over exposure..Here are some photos from my experimental shoots in Jerusalem.    



Last Friday was the graduation for three other students and myself at the Kings Media School in Jerusalem. It was also the premier for the short film that we literally finished just a few hours ago earlier that morning before graduation. As all of us walked up on stage to receive our graduation papers, I [...]