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Time-lapses Gone Wrong

Some of my recent attempts to record time-lapes with my 5D gone horribly wrong. All of these were run and gun setup and press record trying new techniques and see what happens.   View over the Wynnewood, Oklahoma Oil Refinery. Captured at 2013-Aug-06 near midnight. Only 32 photos were captured then I had to leave. Leaving [...]

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Timelapse of Moore, Oklahoma Ground Zero of the May 21 2013 Tornados

Eventually the time had come for me to experiment around with recording time-lapses around Moore, Oklahoma damage. This was the first try and actually turned out better then expected. It took two hundred raw photos with a Canon 5D MII for this 7 second timelapse. A total of twenty minutes to capture. Composted in After Effects. [...]


Photos of Moore, Oklahoma

Here are some photos that I have taken throughout my current four week stay in Moore, Oklahoma. Photos have been captured by a 5D markii in the RAW format and have been adjusted in the Camera RAW in Photoshop.     Related articles My tour of Moore, Oklahoma Tornado Quilts for Moore Oklahoma This guys [...]


East American Road Trip

As I continue down from New York after picking up my car in Niagara falls from being held there since my two year  stay in the middle east, I traveled down making a detour to some of the eastern states. Attawa Canada before then. Mostly filling out and checking potential job locations throughout the east [...]


Pieces of DC

In attempts to drive back to Texas with my Kia Car from New York I have gone out of the way to do some sightseeing. One of the stops was Washington DC. Since I had to leave my car parked in Virginia, jump on a metro and head out on foot from there into museums [...]