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VIDEO: Scientist Changes from Evolution Mindset into Biblical Thinking

The crew and I produced a video story about a scientist coming out of his atheistic mans science ways into biblical thinking which led him into believing there was a higher power who made creation. Doctor Charles Jackson teaches classes at liberty bell university, Creation Truth Foundation and Hillsdale Collage. Watch his story below.   [...]

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Time-lapses Gone Wrong

Some of my recent attempts to record time-lapes with my 5D gone horribly wrong. All of these were run and gun setup and press record trying new techniques and see what happens.   View over the Wynnewood, Oklahoma Oil Refinery. Captured at 2013-Aug-06 near midnight. Only 32 photos were captured then I had to leave. Leaving [...]

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Timelapse of Moore, Oklahoma Ground Zero of the May 21 2013 Tornados

Eventually the time had come for me to experiment around with recording time-lapses around Moore, Oklahoma damage. This was the first try and actually turned out better then expected. It took two hundred raw photos with a Canon 5D MII for this 7 second timelapse. A total of twenty minutes to capture. Composted in After Effects. [...]