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AJ Bussey Testimony Project for Elevate Church



AJ Bussey Testimony from Peter Friedlander on Vimeo.


The dramatic story of AJ Bussey tells his home life in Los Angelis leading through denying God, and restoration in Oklahoma City. He is now a Youth Pastor in Elevate Church Moore, Oklahoma.
Filmed by the Creative Team at Elevate Church.
Directed, Edited Peter Friedlander
Camera Joshua M Hein
Other Ricky Pope, Steven Earp, Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College
Show Date 12-1-12


Behind the Scenes


The pastor of Elevate church in Moore, Oklahoma came to me a few weeks ago with ideas of showing a few video testimonies of individuals of what their life was like before and after Christ transformed their lives showing all throughout December.
With just a few months in attendance this was my first video project that I had a chance to come on board and help with the production.
We filmed Wednesday night, youth night, a week and a half from the Sunday in which it was showing.
Joshua and I arrived at the auditorium in the collage, setup lights and cameras then hunted down AJ who was somewhere on the collage grounds.

I had somewhat an idea of what I wanted the final video to look like but it was only when we caught up with AJ and I began to talk and find out more about him then the rest of the visual ideas came in mind.
At the end of the interview I asked him what are five words to describe the way that your life was life before and after Christ.

When in edit, listening to the audio, it seemed to a shame to put these blunt words without some sort of visual representation.
I started out with plain titles, white text over black background. I watched it and thought it looked dull. I then pulled the entire sequence into After Effects and used the same titles but compiled them over the video in the first scene where AJ was using these words.
I added a shattered glass texture and loved it so much I created the ending words as well. Originally I had these words slightly moving in space as if to float in the auditorium seats but looked unsettling.

Inspired by the typography in ["Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word - Ministry Videos"], I decided to go back into After Effects and make the impactful sentences of his speech come to life. Once everything was animated I added sound effects, glitches and flares. Mostly drones and wind sped up or slowed down ranging from two frames to half a second in length. I was going to skip out on the music to make it more calm and surreal but eventually put it in.

Painting out:

What I normaly have to do with some video projects is paint out unnecessary objects. Whether it be a open door, someone with their back towards the camera in the background, microphones or just  whoops, we didnt know THAT was in the frame!. Here is a short behind the scenes on special effects


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