2014 Worship Bump For Elevate Church, Moore

Introduction to Elevate Church during sunday mornings.
This is a forty-five second bump the first thing that plays after the five minute countdown signaling when the church service starts.
This introduction video premiered Sunday Jan 5th 2014 at Elevate Church, Moore Oklahoma.

Shot, edited and designed by Peter Friedlander. Music from Church on the Move.

This project was the first project that I had the initial idea for Elevate. Began to collect footage back in october of 2013.
Footage was captured over four weekends and edited in two days within twenty hours.

How I did it 

 The First step

Over the course of four weeks starting in october I began to capture footage, two of those weeks we planed to get on stage footage while the band was practicing.
I split the four weeks up into getting two types of shots. Wide angle and close up shots of the band, childrens ministry, welcome crew and time-lapses photography. Not including some footage I had gathered earlier in the year with a Hope Raiser project.
In its entirety I had archived over two hours and forty minutes of footage shot with my canon 5D mark ii.

 The Second step

Im musically oriented.
I hear a song on the radio and envision a visual score with multiple story-lines corresponding to a verse or a chorus.
Cool huh? God given for sure. Sometimes its a blessing, sometimes is a curse
With this project it is was reversed.
A composer had sent me songs for me to look at and see if I could play around with any of them.
Never the less, non of them fitted.
For several days I scrounged around trying to find creative commons music and finally bumped into the Church on the Move Seed website resources.
I then downloaded all of their music, put it in a my iTunes playlist that I use as an archive of all the available film music I had on file, and one by one gave a song a ranking. Then picked the top ratted song that went along with what I wanted.
In this particular ITunes playlist I have over nine-hundred creative commons music tracks to pick from that originated from freemusicarchive.org, jamendo.com, soundcloud.com and other sources.

 The Third Step

I wrote down all of my ideas from story lines to visual effects to transitions on a whiteboard hanging just on back of a wall in my studio.
From what they call 2.5D animation perspectives, words for titles, how the motion tracking was going to be achieved, thoughts on color hues and thoughts on similarity on how the over-all church atmosphere felt and how that could be interpreted into graphics, I wrote down.
I knew I wanted to include some of the elements I had used with the sermon bumper, especially the intro and ending.

Then made a basic edit without any added effects within Adobe Premiere. I made a few edits this way until it flowed.  Then adjusted color correction, creative titles, glitches, stains and intro and endings.
Ideas in the Making

Here are a few ideas that didnt make it to the final draft.

Making the overlay text words transform like audio waveforms on guitars, walls and objects.

Using split screens to show multiple angles of the same scene. E.A. two different vocals in the worship band then freeze framing one of them and pulling it to one side of the screen.

Motion tracking real world elements within the video to words with via thin digital lines.
The intro circle loop, glitches and 2.5D
I had the circling red arrow following a white path a few months ago when I first pitched the introduction video to the leadership.
I created a mock up version that had Get Ready flashing within the circle, with blue and red backgrounds changing colors matching the existing Elevate Church logo.

Initial Animation Concept

When the sermon bump came out I wanted to match the same curtain effect that took place when words appeared on screen with the Get and Ready words.

Image showing the curtain effect used in the Elevate Church bumper

Second Animation Concept with the curtain effect 

This was about the time when I was designing visual effects for transitions and overlays within the worship intro.
I came up with this really ragged circle design animation to replace the Get and Ready words from two things.

Within the 2.5D animation, I had randomly placed a quickly drawn animated circle highlighting the words used. The circle pop design I got from one of my previous videos in which it simulated old film grain.

Digitally animated film grain effect

 Designing the 2.5D animation

2.5D animation is a photo animated in several layers moving in a 3D space environment.
Basically, in this case we have three layers that we place in three different positions along the depth line away from the camera.
Take a still video frame, photoshop it isolating the background from the foreground making two different layers and then another text layer which is all compiled in After Effects.
When the virtual camera moves closer or pans to one side it gives a surreal freeze frame illusion.

Images taken from the worship intro

 Background, text and foreground elements all on different layers. Yellow, blue and red.  
 For the circular overlays
Within Adobe After Effects, animated various shapes and designs as a ten second exported clip with alpha channel which I could then pull into Premier and overlay.

Designing circular animated overlays within Adobe After Effects

 Then finally when I had compiled the scratches, glitches and the circle look to titles I figured I would pull over the style to the intro replacing the Red and Blue design.


Intro and ending graphics
I wanted to keep this similar to the Sermon Into with the same camera zooming effects and blue-tinted particles.
I used the 3d animation program Cinema 4D from Maxon and pulled it into the Adobe After Effects project I had used before.

Designing the 3d words in Cinema 4D.

 Before and after compiled in Adobe After Effects 




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