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After Effects – Auto Subs From Line Return

A spoken word project I worked on recently for Awaken Studios, Carpenter, prompted me to quickly add in sub titles from a pre-formatted email I received from the artist. It was already paragraphed which all that I needed to do is do a little bit of formatting to make the text wrap correctly so that no line was bigger then the width of the screen. I did this in text-edit, then created several expressions based on a single line of key-framing that told After Effects what line number to show.
Adjusting the Offset to 0.0 would popup line number one, 1.0 would pop up line number 2 and so forth.


Photoshoot pictures

Stacie contacted me through the grapevine wanting to get some modeling pictures. She never done any photoshoots before but was eager to try. We met just north of Norman, Oklahoma a few days ago, the winding gravel road still full of puddles from rain a few hours before. The flies were atrocious, leaving us quickly moving from one place to another, but for a few minutes at each location Stacie was calm and collected wishing we all took along bug spay as the sun disappeared behind the storm clouds.



It’s a much needed self insisted shabbat for me today on Friday.

I insisted that I take a day off from work at the studio.

My newly video editing studio, located in central Oklahoma city, has has a lot left to construct but it’s complete enough to setup shop in.