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2014 Worship Intro

New Elevate Church OKC service intro which premiered yesterday as part of the lineup. Photos, graphics and animation by Peter Friedlander.
Over 200 Photoshopped layers composed with the video animation program Adobe After Effects CS6 made up this 45 second intro leading up to when the worship team came on stage. The design and animation took just under a month to complete.

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DOP-Editor-Director ElevateFaith Video

Video which the ElevateFaith production team produced. Im pretty proud of this one,. I got the go ahead to spend some more time.
Follows Rhett Burnett and his family discovering their daughter is diagnosed with cancer and the events that followed as they refused to give in to the aftermath. It premiered Sunday morning October 26th 2014 in Elevate Church Oklahoma.

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So it’s day 22 of Israel’s operation protective edge. Here’s a collection of media live TV sources, webcams and online news stations that I follow both on the Israel and Palestinian/Arabic side all in english.


I24 News Israel live reports

AlJazeera, PA live news