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So it’s day 22 of Israel’s operation protective edge. Here’s a collection of media live TV sources, webcams and online news stations that I follow both on the Israel and Palestinian/Arabic side all in english.


I24 News Israel live reports

AlJazeera, PA live news

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Amazing New Documentary:Where Was God

Amazing new full length documentary directed by Travis Palmer with Chris Forbes Brian Cates Amanda Hyden and Steven Earp.
Documentary takes place following the stories of several families who were effected by the May 2013 tornado. Through homes flattened, children passing or people that lived through traumatic disaster situations in the past, this film blends a powerful cinemadic experience with dynamic storytelling to present how these individuals coped with losses and where they ended up. It is not just a story that leaves you with pity for the victims and home owners when walking outside of the theater. It turns your attention to what will happen when you turn to God the Father and answers the question ‘Where WAS God?’ with “Where WASN’T God?”.