Week three of the Crestwood Video Production class that I’m teaching in Oklahoma City, we shot a live performance music video in a little under two hours.

It’s a much needed self insisted shabbat for me today on Friday.

I insisted that I take a day off from work at the studio.

My newly video editing studio, located in central Oklahoma city, has has a lot left to construct but it’s complete enough to setup shop in.

Isaac Oltersdorf, one of the leaders at the No Boundaries House of Prayer in Oklahoma City, is starting a new Youtube Channel called “House of Prayer Channel” where he records video teaching on worship, prayer, and what does that look like in the community for other individuals that are staring a worship center.

As part of my corricolum for teaching the Audio and Video class at Community Advance, three weeks ago I introduced the concept of brainstorming ideas, script writing, and developing it into a movie script that we filmed on the following two weeks.

While the milestone of the videos I’ve produced with Elevate Faith passed thirty testimonials, we’ve been able to see how they’ve touched the lives of others by watching it.

CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) mockup for the newest Elevate Faith video telling the story of Natalie Leimer Hight . Backstory on this video; because we used filler footage to piece together Natalie’s story in a living-room we had obsticals such as furniture, lamps and windows which we needed to cut out in post. When I was working on the CGI in the living-room, I discovered a great theme throughout the filler of this dream-like isolated room which the family would appear in as the story unfolds. This video shows the “before and after” shots. Thanks for my rigger Jeremy Earp for lighting.

New Elevate Church OKC service intro which premiered yesterday as part of the lineup. Photos, graphics and animation by Peter Friedlander.
Over 200 Photoshopped layers composed with the video animation program Adobe After Effects CS6 made up this 45 second intro leading up to when the worship team came on stage. The design and animation took just under a month to complete.