A few days ago after watching some amazing tutorials form Anthony Artis, I went to ACE hardware, asked a few things.
One, if they had any extra cardboard boxes that they could give me, and two for clothespins that would be used to hold it on the lighting stand.

Stacie contacted me through the grapevine wanting to get some modeling pictures. She never done any photoshoots before but was eager to try. We met just north of Norman, Oklahoma a few days ago, the winding gravel road still full of puddles from rain a few hours before. The flies were atrocious, leaving us quickly moving from one place to another, but for a few minutes at each location Stacie was calm and collected wishing we all took along bug spay as the sun disappeared behind the storm clouds.

Built from scratch this Adobe After Effects CS6 3D muzzle flash can be downloaded here.
It contains several layers with blur, hue adjustments composed in 3D space.
It was used on the student short film The Donut Case

The last project for the first semester students of the CV Production class. Their goal, to brainstorm ideas for a five minute short movie project that would be developed into a script to shoot utilizing the jargon learned over the last six weeks of class.

A project had me create a vector map of Japan using free open source tools.
The full on vector image was 50MB, a little bit to big for me to work with so I compressed it down to a 5746 × 6469 transparent PNG.
Here’s the link to download
Vector Japan Big

Week three of the Crestwood Video Production class that I’m teaching in Oklahoma City, we shot a live performance music video in a little under two hours.

It’s a much needed self insisted shabbat for me today on Friday.

I insisted that I take a day off from work at the studio.

My newly video editing studio, located in central Oklahoma city, has has a lot left to construct but it’s complete enough to setup shop in.

Isaac Oltersdorf, one of the leaders at the No Boundaries House of Prayer in Oklahoma City, is starting a new Youtube Channel called “House of Prayer Channel” where he records video teaching on worship, prayer, and what does that look like in the community for other individuals that are staring a worship center.

As part of my corricolum for teaching the Audio and Video class at Community Advance, three weeks ago I introduced the concept of brainstorming ideas, script writing, and developing it into a movie script that we filmed on the following two weeks.